The Oxford Canal's excellent old Canal Locks and Lock Flights.

Oxford City - Isis Lock 1 on the Oxford Canal

There are plenty of delightful Locks to be found on the Oxford Canal including the Lock Flights at Claydon, Napton and Hillmorton.

The Oxford Canal is a "Contour Canal" which meanders it's way through the English countryside between Oxford (The River Thames) and Hawkesbury Junction near Coventry - it's one of England's oldest canals. This sequence of Oxford Canal lock photos start off from

Oxford Isis Lock

(shown on the right) which is pretty much in the centre of the City of Oxford. There is a short link for narrow boats wishing to go onto the River Thames which leaves besides Isis Lock. The other opportunity for narrowboats to reach The River Thames is by leaving the Oxford Canal at Lock 44b and going along the twisty Dukes Cut (which is more like a river than a Cut). The next opportunity to leave the Oxford Canal is some considerable distance away when the canal shares it's waters from Napton Junction to Branston Turn with The Grand Union Canal at Napton.
The following shows the Canal locks starting from Oxford - includes the excellent flight of locks at Napton and those at Hillmorton Lock Flight - and continues on to the other end of the Oxford Canal at Hawkesbury Junction (commonly known as Sutton Stop) where it meets up with the Coventry Canal.

Wolvercote Lock on the Oxford Canal.
Wolvercote Lock
Lock Gates at Dukes Lock (44a), The Oxford Canal.
Dukes Lock
Dukes Cut Lock 44b - Oxford Canal.
Dukes Cut Lock
Kidlington Green Lock, Oxford Canal, England.
Kidlington Green Lock
Kidlington Green Lock
Kidlington Green Lock
Roundham Lock - The Oxford Canal
Roundham Lock
Canal Lock at Shipton Weir on the Oxford Canal
Shipton Weir Lock
Bakers Lock on the Oxford Canal.
Bakers Lock
Bakers Lock
Bakers Lock
Pigeons Lock - Oxford Canal, England.
Pigeons Lock
Northbrook Lock on the Oxford Canal
Northbrook Lock
Northbrook Lock, England.
Northbrook Lock
Dashwoods Lock, Oxford Canal.
Dashwoods Lock
Allen's Lock 36, The Oxford Canal.
Allen's Lock
Allen's Lock no:36
Allen's Lock
Heyford Common Lock 35 - The Oxford Canal
Heyford Common Lock 35
Somerton Deep Lock, The Oxford Canal, England.
Somerton Deep Lock
Oxford Canal at Somerton Deep Lock.
Somerton Deep Lock
Aynho Weir Lock and Weir Bridge, Oxford Canal.
Aynho Weir Lock
Nell Bridge Lock on The Oxford Canal
Nell Bridge Lock
Oxford Canal - Nell Bridge Lock
Nell Bridge Lock
King's Sutton Lock, England.
King's Sutton Lock
King's Sutton Lock, The Oxford Canal.
King's Sutton Lock
Grants Lock - Oxford Canal
Grants Lock
Banbury Lock, Oxford Canal in England
Banbury Lock
Hardwick-Lock 28 on the Oxford Canal
Hardwick Lock 28
Hardwick Lock Gates on The Oxford Canal.
Hardwick Lock Gates
Little Bourton Lock nbr 27
Little Bourton Lock nbr 27
Little Bourton Lock
Little Bourton Lock
Little Bourton Lock Gates.
Little Bourton Lock Gates
Little Bourton Lock, The Oxford Canal, England.
Little Bourton Lock
Slat Mill Lock, The Oxford Canal, England.
Slat Mill Lock
Slat Mill Lock 27 on the Oxford Canal, England
Slat Mill Lock 27
Cropedy Lock 25, The Oxford Canal, England.
Cropedy Lock 25
Cropedy Lock
Cropedy Lock
Broadmoor Lock 24 on The Oxford Canal
Broadmoor Lock 24
Oxford Canal - Varneys Lock 23
Varneys Lock 23
Varneys Lock nbr 23.
Varneys Lock nbr 23
Elkingtons Lock 22 on The Oxford Canal
Elkingtons Lock 22
The Oxford Canal and Claydon Bottom Lock
Claydon Bottom Lock
Claydon Bottom Lock 21, The Oxford Canal.
Claydon Bottom Lock 21
Claydon Lock 20.
Claydon Lock 20
Claydon Lock
Claydon Lock 20
Claydon Middle Lock 19, The Oxford Canal.
Claydon Middle Lock 19
Claydon Middle Lock - Oxford Canal
Claydon Middle Lock
The entrance to Claydon Lock 18 on The Oxford Canal in England.
Claydon Lock 18
Claydon Lock 18, The Oxford Canal, England.
Claydon Lock 18
Oxford Canal - Claydon Top Lock filled with water
Claydon Top Lock 17
Napton Top Lock on the Oxford Canal at Marston Doles
Napton Top Lock
Napton Top Lock
Napton Top Lock
Napton Lock 15, Oxford Canal
Napton Lock 15
Napton Lock 15 lockgates.
Napton Lock 15 gates
Napton Adkins Lock 14, Oxford Canal
Napton Adkins Lock 14
Napton Adkins Lock Gates.
Napton Adkins Lock gates
Napton Lock 13 Gates.
Napton Lock 13 Gates
Oxford Canal - Napton Lock 13
Napton Lock 13
Napton Lock 12.
Napton Lock 12
Oxford Canal England - Napton Lock 12
Napton Lock 12
Lock 11 at Napton on The Oxford Canal
Lock 11 at Napton
Napton Lock 10 on the Oxford Canal
Lock 10 at Napton
Napton Lock 10 Gates - Oxford Canal in England
Napton Lock 10 Gates
Napton Lock 09
Napton Lock 09
Lock 9 at Napton - Oxford Canal
Lock 9 at Napton
Napton Bottom Lock 08, The Oxford Canal, England.
Bottom Lock 08

Hillmorton Lock Flight on the Oxford Canal in England.

The series of twin locks at Hillmorton are in a really nice spot - and also have the added benefit of several bench seats so you can rest your achy feet for a while if out on a long Oxford Canal towpath walk. The original locks at Hillmorton were modernised into twinlocks during the 19th century to create more commercial canal boat throughput. Hillmorton is located fairly near to Rugby - put CV21 4PP into a route-finder to see the location.
Napton Bottom Lock 8
Napton Bottom
Lock 8
Hillmorton Toplocks 6 and 7 on The Oxford Canal
Toplocks 6 and 7
Hillmorton - Locks 6 and 7
Locks 6 and 7
Hillmorton twinlocks 6 and 7, The Oxford Canal, England.
Hillmorton twinlocks
6 and 7
Locks 4 and 5 at Hillmorton on the Oxford Canal
Locks 4 and 5
at Hillmorton
Hillmorton locks 4 and 5
Hillmorton locks
4 and 5
Hillmorton twinlocks 2 and 3, The Oxford Canal.
Hillmorton twinlocks
2 and 3
Hawkesbury Junction - Stoplock 1 - The Oxford Canal, England
Hawkesbury Junction Stoplock 1
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