The Oxford Canal as it goes into Oxford City.

Walking the towpath alongside The Oxford Canal as it passes Yarnton, Kidlington, Dukes Cut and Wolvercote before ending up at Isis Cut and Lock in the City of Oxford.

The state of the Oxford Canal's towpath is not too bad on this part of the canal and the nearer to Oxford you get the better condition it's in. Particularly near Oxford walkers need to watch out for careless cyclists - going too fast on the towpath and ignoring not only people walking but even other cyclists. This end of the Oxford Canal is situated at Isis Lock and Bridge - pretty much in the heart of Oxford City.
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Aubreys Lift Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Lift Bridge 221
Sparrowgap Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Sparrowgap Bridge 223
Langford Lane Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Langford Lane
Bridge 224
Langford Lane Bridge goes over The Oxford Canal.
Langford Lane Bridge 224
Roundham Lock on The Oxford Canal in England.
Roundham Lock 42
Roundham Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Roundham Bridge 226
Oxford Canal being crossed by Roundham Bridge
Roundham Bridge 226
Bullers Bridge crosses the Oxford Canal in England.
Bullers Bridge 227
Bullers Bridge on the Oxford Canal
Bullers Bridge 227
Yarnton Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Yarnton Bridge 228
Yarnton Bridge goes over The Oxford Canal
Yarnton Bridge 228
Kidlington Green Lock, Oxford Canal, England.
Kidlington Green Lock 43
Oxford Canal Locks - Kidlington Green Lock.
Kidlington Green Lock
Pipe Bridge near Kidlington, Oxford Canal, England.
Pipe Bridge Kidlington
Oxford canal footbridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Oxford Canal foot bridge
Kings Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Kings Bridge 230
Drinkwaters Lift Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Drinkwaters Lift Bridge 231
Railway Bridge near Drinkwaters, Oxford Canal, England.
Lock 44a
Dukes Lock 44a, Oxford Canal, England.
Dukes Lock

About Duke's Cut which connects the Oxford Canal with the River Thames in Oxfordshire.

The Cut was built in 1789 at the request of the Duke of Marlborough - hence the name. For narrowboats leaving Dukes Cut Lock 44a the turn right into the Cut occurs almost immediately - then on under Dukes Bridge and into Lock 44b (which has a railway bridge above it just to add to the fun). The Cut is more like a river with willows and other trees lining the route and often fallen branches are floating around so care is needed. The "towpath" is generally narrow and lined with nettles and bramble to start with and also quite muddy - then it follows the twists of the Cut between fields to reach the River Thames. For walkers and cyclists note that there is no access to The River Thames Path via this cut - the nearest way to the Thames is by leaving the canal at Bridge 235 then via Wolvercote to The Thames at Godstow Bridge. Note: Dukes Lock 44a on the Oxford Canal was originally named Shuttleworth Lock.
Dukes Lock - Oxford Canal
Railway Bridge
Dukes Cut Junction - Oxford Canal
Oxford Canal Link to The Thames
Dukes Bridge 232, Oxford Canal, England.
Dukes Bridge 232
Dukes Cut - Lock 44b, Oxford Canal, England.
Dukes Cut Lock 44b
A40 Bridge 232a, Oxford Canal, England.
A40 Bridge 232a
Oxford Canal - A40 Bridge
A40 Bridge 232a
Lift Bridge 233, Oxford Canal, England.
Lift Bridge 233
A34 Bridge 233a, Oxford Canal, England.
A34 Bridge(s) 233a
Bridge 233a, Oxford Canal, England.
A34 W Bypass Bridge(s)
Perrys liftbridge 234, Oxford Canal, England.
Perry's Lift bridge 234
Perrys Liftbridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Perrys Lift Bridge
Wolvercote Lock 45, Oxford Canal, England.
Wolvercote Lock 45
Bridge 235, Oxford Canal, England.
Bridge 235
Wolvercote Lock 45 with the bridge right next to it, Oxford Canal, England.
Wolvercote Lock 45
Footbridge 235, Oxford Canal, England.
Footbridge 235
Balls Bridge 236, Oxford Canal, England.
Balls Bridge 236
Balls Bridge crosses The Oxford Canal, England.
Balls Bridge 236
Railway Bridge 236a, Oxford Canal, England.
Bridge 236a
Railway Bridge 236a over the Oxford Canal in England.
Bridge 236a
location of demolished bridge 237?, Oxford Canal, England.
Missing bridge 237? location
St Edwards Liftbridge 238, Oxford Canal, England.
St Edward's Lift Bridge
Oxford Canal and St Edwards Liftbridge
St Edward's
Lift Bridge 238
Oxford Canal Bridge 238b
Bridge 238b
Bridge 238b, Oxford Canal, England.
Bridge 238b
Probable location of demolished bridge 239, Oxford Canal, England.
Location of missing bridge 239?
Bridge 239a, Oxford Canal
Bridge 239a
Bridge 239a, Oxford Canal, England.
Bridge 239a
Aristotle Bridge 240, Oxford Canal, England.
Aristotle Bridge 240
Aristotle's Bridge goes over The Oxford Canal in England.
Aristotle Bridge
Oxford Canal - Bridge 242
Canal Bridge 242
Bridge 242b, Oxford Canal, England.
Bridge 242b
Oxford Canal Bridge 242b
Bridge 242b
Bridge 243, Oxford Canal, England.
Bridge 243
Oxford Canal Bridge 243
Canal Bridge 243
Isis Lock 46 - Oxford Canal, England.
Oxford - Isis Lock 46
Link to the Thames at Isis Cut, Oxford, Oxford Canal, England.
Isis Cut to The Thames
The Oxford Canal southern end in the City of Oxford

Going on into Oxford City Centre from the end of the Oxford Canal at Isis Locks and Bridge.

Once finished walking along the Oxford Canal, if you turn right along the road you will find that Oxford Railway Station is just a short stroll away. Should you instead you turn left along the road then Oxford City Centre plus all the many churches, colleges and so on for which Oxford is so famous are again just a few minutes stroll away.
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