Banbury heading south to Aynho on The Oxford Canal.

This section takes the canal from Banbury and on towards Oxford - with plenty of beautiful old bridges to look at on the way.

The towpath on this stretch of the canal is not too bad but after Banbury it can be extremely muddy and inundated with heavy foliage. As you head south out of Banbury the towpath passes quite a few derelict warehouses although the town seems to be busy renovating these buildings and probably one day soon they will all be people's flats. As you walk along the towpath you soon get into really open countryside - as the River Cherwell is often right next to the canal the towpath can be really wet and muddy (due to seep-age). There are quite a few lift-bridges along this section of the Oxford Canal and also you can see some locations where these lift bridges have now been (sadly) demolished. (These pictures are shown because although the bridge workings have been removed there is still a considerable narrowing of the canal as usually the brickwork remains thus room for only one narrowboat at a time).
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Canal road bridge at Banbury, Oxford Canal, England.
Bluebird Bridge
Albion Bridge at Banbury, Oxford Canal, England.
Albion Bridge 166
Samuelson Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Samuelson Bridge 168
Oxford canal bridge demolished possibly was 169
Demolished Bridge 169
Demolished Oxford Canal lift bridge possibly was 169
Demolished bridge
Haynes Lift Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Haynes Lift Bridge 170
Oxford Canal and Foxes Lift Bridge
Foxes Lift Bridge 171
Nadkey Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Nadkey Bridge 172
Oxford Canal Lift bridge 173
Lift Bridge 173
M40 - Oxford canal road bridge
M40 Bridge
Grants Lock, Oxford Canal, England.
Grants Lock 30
Oxford Canal - Grants Bridge
Grants Bridge 174
Grants Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Grants Bridge 174
Stevens Lift bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Stevens Lift Bridge 175
An extinct lift bridge - Oxford Canal
demolished bridge 176?
Twyford Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Twyford Bridge 177
We have often used the canal for our walking trips - it is quite ideal to create lots of circular walks in and around the open countryside (the part of the canal around the Lower Heyford area of Oxfordshire is particularly good). One of the nicest things about the canal are the small bridges which frequently cross over it - these are usually simply farmer's bridges used to move stock etc. between their fields either side of the canal. There are photos of what appears to be the remains of bridges as well - of course in reality these remains are no longer bridges since they do not cross the canal but are part of the canal route so included. The original canal bridges were numbered and where some of the numbers are now missing but bridge remains exist we have made a guess that these were numbers belonging to said bridges.
Ex lift bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Demolished lift bridge - possibly 178
Demolished lift bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
or this demolished bridge may have been 178
Oxford Canal Locks - King's Sutton Lock
King's Sutton
Lock 31
King's Sutton Lock, Oxford Canal, England.
King's Sutton Lock 31
Oxford Canal - Tarvers Bridge
Tarvers Bridge 179
Tarvers Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Tarvers Bridge 179
Scroobys Lift Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Scroobys Lift Bridge 181
Another Coles Lift bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Coles Lift Bridge 182
Dismantled railway bridge near Kings Sutton, Oxford Canal, England.
Dismantled Railway Bridge
M40 bridge over the Oxford Canal
M40 Road Bridge
Coles Lift Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Lift Bridge 183
ex lift bridge probably no 184 on the Oxford Canal
Lift Bridge 184?
Oxford Canal demolished lift bridge probably 185
Lift Bridge 185?
Haddons Lift Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Haddons Lift Bridge 186
Nell Bridge Lock, Oxford Canal, England.
Nell Bridge Lock 32
Oxford Canal Locks - Nell Bridge Lock
Nell Bridge Lock 32

The old Nell Bridge, The River Cherwell and Ayno Weir Lock - Oxford Canal.

Poor old Nell Bridge - it has been totally covered over by the building of a crappy concrete road bridge with obviously no consideration by the authorities to the history and beauty of one of the oldest canal bridges on the Oxford Canal.
The River Cherwell is always quite close to the Oxford Canal along this stretch and particularly interesting is the area around Anyho Weir Lock where it actually (diagonally) crosses the Oxford Canal. The canal's towpath is carried across the river on a really nice set of brickwork arches. If there has been heavy rain the currents here are quite violent. Anyho Weir Lock is situated immediately after Weir Bridge - this lock is quite unusual in that it is an irregular octagan shape and quite shallow. The lock takes the canal only around one foot below the River Cherwell but this octagonal shaped design allows sufficient water to be passed through the system.
The narrow Nell Bridge Lock, Oxford Canal, England.
Nell Bridge Lock 32
Nell Bridge on the Oxford Canal
Nell Bridge 187
Weir Bridge - Oxford Canal
Weir Bridge 188
A raised canal towpath at Aynho Weirs on The Oxford Canal, England.
Aynho Weir raised towpath
Aynho Weir Lock on the Oxford Canal
Aynho Weir Lock 33
Aynho Weir Lock and Weir Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Aynho Weir Lock 33
Belchers Lift Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Belchers Lift Bridge 189
Aynho Bridge, Oxford Canal, England.
Aynho Bridge 190
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