The Oxford Canal in England - Brinklow and through Rugby.

Features and bridges on the Oxford Canal as it heads south from Brinklow via Newbold Tunnel into Rugby.

The Oxford Canal and Brinklow Arches.

As the Oxford Canal passes Brinklow it has to cross a valley and when the canal was being built James Brindley designed an aqueduct to acheive this. The aqueduct has embankments both ends, runs for around 450 yards and is set on 12 brick and stone arches each spanning 22 feet. Nearly all of the arches have been filled in but you can still clamber down through the nettles and bramble and take a look at part of the structure. The fairly quite short Brinklow Canal Arm (its around 1500 feet long) leaves from around here but is now heavily weeded and silted up and therefore unfortunately dis-used. Several picture rows down see Oxford Canal Bridge 39 - this leads into the Brinklow Marina and offers a gorgeous example of a Horseley Iron Works type of canal bridge.
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Brinklow Arches 31, The Oxford Canal (England).
Brinklow Arches 31
Brinklow Arm Bridge 32, The Oxford Canal (England).
Brinklow Arm Bridge 32
Brinklow Arm Bridge, The Oxford Canal (England).
Bridge no.32
Easenhall Lane Bridge 34, The Oxford Canal (England).
Easenhall Lane Bridge 34
Oxford Canal Bridges - Easenhall Lane Bridge 34
Easenhall Lane Bridge
Hungerfield Bridge no. 35, The Oxford Canal (England).
Hungerfield Bridge no. 35
Bridge 34 Oxford Canal - Hungerfield Bridge
Bridge 34
Hungerfield Bridge
Bridge 37 Oxford Canal
Bridge 37
Oxford Canal Bridge 37
Bridge 37
Canal Bridge 38, The Oxford Canal (England).
Bridge 38
Oxford Canal Bridge 38
Bridge 38
Bridge 39 - Oxford Canal
Bridge 39

Oxford Canal restored wrought iron bridges and beautifully bricked railways bridges.

Of particular interest on the Oxford Canal between Brinklow and Rugby is that there are several arms going off and these still have the wrought iron original canal bridges over the towpath - all in excellent condition. Rugby used to be part of an extensive railway system and the lines are still often easily spotted - the OS map shows around 9 railway lines into Rugby at one time though most are now dismantled. However there are some really nice old intact brick railway bridges with excellent arches around to admire and these are certainly worth a short diversion to look at more closely as you wander along this stretch of the towpath.
Oxford Canal Bridge 39
Bridge 39 into
Brinklow Marina
Cathiron Bridge 41, The Oxford Canal (England).
Cathiron Bridge 41
Oxford Canal Bridge 41 - Cathiron Bridge
Bridge 41
Cathiron Bridge
Waltons Bridge 42, The Oxford Canal (England).
Waltons Bridge 42
Bridge 42 - Waltons Bridge crossing the Oxford Canal
Bridge 42 - Waltons
Oxford Canal
Railway Bridge crossing the Oxford Canal near Cathiron
Railway Bridge
Tuckey's Bridge no 43, The Oxford Canal (England).
Tuckey's Bridge no 43
Tuckeys Bridge goes over The Oxford Canal, England.
Tuckeys Bridge 43
Lime Farm Marina Bridge (into a small arm), The Oxford Canal (England).
Lime Farm Marina Bridge
Oxford Canal Bridge 44
Bridge 44
Bridge 44 going over The Oxford Canal.
Bridge 44
Fools Bridge 48 and Newbold Arm Bridge, The Oxford Canal (England).
Fools Bridge 48 +Newbold Arm Bridge

The Oxford Canal and about Newbold Tunnel.

The "new" 250 metre long Newbold Tunnel was built in 1829 as part of the 11 mile shortening of the Oxford Canal which was achieved in 1834. The tunnel is wide enough for two way traffic and is well -perhaps spookily- lit up and has a towpath on both sides which is rather unusual however only one side is actually available to use. The southern entrance to the original tunnel which dated from 1777 is located within the Churchyard of St Botolphs but has been bricked up with just a couple of gaps to allow bats to come and go and can be barely seen because of heavy undergrowth.
Fools Bridge 48, The Oxford Canal (England).
Fools Bridge 48
Newbold Tunnel 49 entrance portal, The Oxford Canal (England).
Newbold Tunnel 49
(towards Rugby)
Inside Newbold Tunnel - spooky lighting, The Oxford Canal (England).
Inside Newbold Tunnel
spooky lighting
Rugby side of Newbold Tunnel, The Oxford Canal (England).
Rugby side of the
Newbold Tunnel (49)
Oxford Canal Bridge 50
Oxford Canal Bridge 50
Bridge 50 on the Oxford Canal
Bridge 50
Green's Bridge 51, The Oxford Canal (England).
Green's Bridge 51
Canal bridge 51 - Greens Bridge on the Oxford Canal near Rugby
Bridge 51
lovely old railway bridge crossing the Oxford Canal
lovely old railwaybridge
crossing the Oxford Canal
Oxford Canal near Rugby - an old railway bridge
Oxford Canal Rugby
old railway bridge
Perkins Bridge 52 on the Oxford Canal
Perkins Bridge 52
Oxford Canal bridges - Perkins Bridge no 52
Perkins Bridge 52
Oxford Canal Bridge 53
Oxford Canal Bridge 53
Rugby Wharf Arm entrance bridge, The Oxford Canal (England).
Rugby Wharf Arm
entrance bridge
Rugby Wharf Arm Bridge - Oxford Canal
Rugby Wharf Arm Bridge
Aqueduct Bridge no 54, The Oxford Canal (England).
Aqueduct Bridge 54
As the canal continues through and past Rugby it is surprising how really peaceful the Oxford Canal is and you would not think you were in the midst of such a major city as Rugby - the high hedgerow and loads of trees make this really nice walking. If walking or cycling the towpath - which in the city area is of very good condition - you can divert to have a look at Newbold Quarry Park. In reality this is just a series of walkways going round the original (now deep water filled) quarry - with much of the edge of the quarry itself ringed with high metal fencing.
Oxford Canal - Aqueduct Bridge 54
Aqueduct Bridge 54
Aqueduct Bridge 55 - Oxford Canal
Aqueduct Bridge 55
- Oxford Canal
Oxford Canal Aqueduct Bridge 55
Oxford Canal
Aqueduct Bridge 55
Footbridge crossing the Oxford Canal
Footbridge crossing
The Oxford Canal
Masters Bridge 58, The Oxford Canal (England).
Masters Bridge 58
Boughton Road Bridge 59, The Oxford Canal in England.
Boughton Road
Bridge 59
Oxford Canal - Boughton Road Bridge 59
Boughton Road Bridge 59
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